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About the Book

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Who will save her from herself?

After helping another girl escape, Mercedes Nobles suffers unspeakable abuse at Jericho. So when an American cowboy rides into town, she jumps at the opportunity to start a new life… even though she carries a secret that could destroy any chance of happiness for either of them.

John Durbin may have turned in his badge, but he still believes in living by a code of honor. That includes returning to a seedy Mexican saloon and rescuing a woman who helped his friends escape. However, the tables turn and he finds himself married in name only.

Struggling with cultural differences, they questions if their marriage will survive. Will John sacrifice his faith to make his new bride happy? How will Mercedes redeem herself when John learns of the secret she’s hiding?

About the Author

Profile PicMimi Milan spent two decades scribbling away in notebooks before realizing that her life’s calling was to write. So she returned from Mexico and attended the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, majoring in Creative Writing and minoring in Film. She currently resides in the suburbs of Charlotte, making time for God, family and imaginary friends.

Guest Post from Mimi Milan

Hi, everyone!

I’m Mimi Milan. I’d like to start out by expressing, “¡Ojalá que todos estén bien y benditos!” Were you able to translate that? If not, don’t worry. I’m here to help you brush up on your Spanish. Best part? It will be completely painless. In fact, you may not even realize it’s happening. See, that’s what I do. I write faith-based, multicultural stories that incorporate Latin culture and language. A great example of this is my recent release, Twice Redeemed, the second novel in my first series, The Jericho Resistance.

See, a while back I decided I needed some adventure in my life, and found myself crossing the border into Mexico with my husband and two small children. Let me just say now, the drive there is possibly one of the best road trips in existence. Thirty-six hours of beautiful countryside, intriguing markets, and some of the friendliest people I’ve ever had the privilege to meet. Needless to say, I fell in love with Mexico and its residents pretty quickly.

Of course, no place is without its problems.

Within my first year of living in Michoacán (one of the southern states), I contracted Typhus. I was severely ill, and even lost twenty-some pounds because of the sickness. Thankfully, a local doctor with a great love for all things American, took pity on me and treated me completely free of charge. However, that’s when I became aware of another issue – one that I eventually learned exists all over the world. Human trafficking.

Waiting my turn to be seen in the doctor’s office, I turned to a table filled with old magazines and newspapers. I was tired of all the glamor and glitz of which telenovela star was dating whatever musician. So I opted for the newspaper and soon learned more than I wanted to about abducted women sold into sex slavery. I went home, intent on putting all my focus on regaining my health and strength. However, the information I had read never left my mind. The next thing I knew, I was writing stories about women being abducted and the things they had to do to survive and escape their captors. I decided to return to the States to finish my degree (a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing, with a minor in film).

The trip back was extremely interesting and stressful. Riding back via bus, I experienced a surprising situation with a very rude immigration officer when I crossed the United States border. Despite my U.S. passport, he didn’t believe I was American! I was forced to exit the bus to be interrogated, while my two children waited for me back in our seats. What was the problem? Why was I being questioned if my passport was real? I had never done anything wrong. In fact, I myself had worked for the legal system back home. Was it because of the bus I rode? The color of my skin? I did the only thing I could think of.

I prayed.

I asked for the right words and answered their questions with just enough Southern sass to make the officers laugh. A few minutes later, I was released and back on board with my babies. However, the experience impacted my writing and I began delving into the reasons as to why there exists a border fence between the United States and Mexico to begin with.

Thus, The Jericho Resistance series was born to address two issues that have a very long, dark history. However, there’s a bright side and solid message to each story.

No problem is too big for God.

Whether I’m writing historical westerns like Twice Redeemed or contemporary stories that are “coming soon” releases, I hope all my books remind readers of the importance of relying on God through all things.

Thank you for reading. As my earlier sentiment expressed, “I hope everyone is well and blessed.”


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