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About the Book

Book: Tangled Promises

Author: Lynn U. Watson

Genre: Historical Romance

Release date: May 21, 2024

Thunderous applause extinguishes her dream and ignites her worst nightmare.

Clara Reinhold’s father publicly pledges her hand to Georg Wolff. His character and arrogance match the stench of his odious cigars, but his lineage offers a suitable alliance for the station of a baron’s daughter.

A charades clue years earlier turned friendship into a promise of forbidden marriage between Clara and family carriage driver, Daniel Becker.

If she refuses Georg and follows her heart, her father disowns her and she loses everything—her loving family, dear friends, and the only home she’s known.

As a tangled web of scandal and deceit unwinds, hidden motives and illicit activities emerge among an unsuspecting ring of players changing everything but nobility’s rules.

How will justice be served?

How will Clara and Daniel overcome obstacles to claim a future beyond that of a charade?


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About the Author

Lynn Watson is a devotional writer, occasional quilter, reflexologist, and great-great-grand-daughter of a baron from Southwest Germany. Lynn combines her passions and her heritage Stepping Through Time Stitching Stories of Faith Snippets of her family story inspire her fiction writing. She and husband, Steve, make their home in Bartlett, TN, where Jasmine the resident feline considers herself Princess of the Palace.




More from Lynn

My daughter gifted me a tee shirt for Christmas with an image of a typewriter and the slogan: I make things up. That’s a novelist job! 🙂

Where we and our family came from and how we arrived where we are today, there’s a story in each of us. I find myself often pondering people’s back stories. I regret knowing only the tiniest bits of my own family’s backstory. When I had the opportunity to ask the questions, I was too naive to know what to ask. Decades later I made it up. Tangled Promises was born.

A recurring theme as I wrote Tangled Promises focuses on this verse: The rich and poor meet together: the Lord is the maker of them all. ~Proverbs 22:2

Clara and Daniel lived in the same world. She the daughter of the Baron and he the family’s humble carriage driver. Very much in love with one another, but their social status dictated rules created to forbid their union.

In a world so shattered by differences, God calls us to see we’re all the same in His eyes. From the unborn baby to kings in the land, we’re all cherished by Him. He calls us to forgiveness and love.

While I’ve published a few devotional books, Tangled Promises is my debut novel and the first book in the Promised Destiny series. Thank you for reading. I pray you love it and are blessed.



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