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Jan 31 Free & Discounted Books

Free and discounted books for Jan 31, 2017. Please be sure to verify the price before purchase as they are subject to change at any time.

message in a bottleMessage in a Bottle

Beth Wiseman

One man. Two women. A child desperate for medical treatment. How can Kyle choose between the woman he once loved and his current fiancée? Is there a solution that suits all involved, or will someone end up out of the triangle forever?

Morgan Calhoun and her parents are whisked away in the middle of the night, something Morgan always knew was a possibility because of her father’s CIA job. But she’d always thought if such a scenario played out that she would have time to say goodbye to those she loved—particularly her boyfriend, Kyle. Adding to her unbearable situation, several weeks after the move, Morgan finds out that she’s pregnant.

Kyle Brossmann doesn’t even get a break-up letter from Morgan. She’s just gone, along with her parents. His heart broken, Kyle continues with his plans. He graduates from high school and attends college, where he meets his fiancée, Lexie. But two men visit Kyle and encourage him to travel to an undisclosed location, where he will meet his five-year-old daughter. Rocked by the news that he has a child, Kyle learns he is the only person who might be able to save his daughter’s life.

Will Kyle choose his first love and his daughter? Or will he stay with Lexie and live the life they’ve been planning?

Each Surf’s Up novella takes the reader to a beach locale, weaving romance and adventure into a soul-soothing journey of hope.

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i heart youI Heart You

Multiple authors including Chautona Havig and Lynette Bonner

5 Romances, Perfect for Valentine’s Day!

Rescuing Ladybugs by Diane Lil Adams
When Maura Blaine turns twenty-five, she inherits a cabin from her paternal grandparents, though she hasn’t seen them or her dad, in seventeen years. Her mom wants her to sell the property, but Maura wants to see it first. Soon she begins to fall in love with the mountains, and with Jason Lancaster, the young carpenter who’s going to make repairs to the cabin. Maura’s mom goes home without her, then her dad appears … with his second family. Maura feels certain that neither of her parents deserve her forgiveness. Jason agrees, but explains – that’s why it’s called grace.

Beyond the Waves, by Lynnette Bonner
Officer Kylen Sumner and Taysia Green have a history. He’s broken her heart more than once. So when he returns home claiming he just might be in love with her, she wants nothing to do with him. If only her heart would get the message!

None so Blind by Chautona Havig
When Dani wakes with no knowledge of who or where she is-no memories of her life at all-David and Dani Weeks discover that “til death do us part” takes on an entirely unexpected meaning. Practically speaking, Dani died. But she didn’t.

What’s a gal to do?

In a desperate attempt to separate the old life from the new, Dani insists on a new name, a twist of her old one-Ella.

Ella’s doctors can’t explain what happened. Her children can’t understand why she doesn’t know them, and her husband finds himself torn between admiration for the “new” version of his wife and missing the woman he’s known for over fifteen years.

Will Ella ever regain her memory? Why does their pastor suspect it’s one great hoax?

Along Came a Prince by Carol Moncado
Prince Richard Antonio David Nicklaus is Montevaro’s spare – and he prefers it that way because then he can traipse around the world rather than preparing to take the throne. Ellie Brewer is sick of rich, pretty boys but is assigned one on her last survival trip before heading out of town. They survive an injury, a lost prince, and a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Europe together before Rick has to help his sister plan her wedding and coronation – but will the busyness of Rick’s royal life cause Ellie to regret the day Along Came a Prince?

The Random Acts of Cupid by Amanda Tru
Elise Hutchins has a secret. She likes to anonymously play matchmaker for people she doesn’t really know.

But when lawyer Ryan Jenkins discovers she’s Seattle’s Cupid, he thinks her methods are deceptive and she shouldn’t be interfering in the lives of others.

Now Elise has 24 hours to present her case and prove her character to Ryan. Otherwise, he will reveal her secret and ruin her reputation along with possibly all of the good she’s done.

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