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About the Book

Book: A Vanishing Act

Author: Edwina Kiernan

Genre: Christian Historical Mystery, Fairytale retelling

Release date: May 2, 2023

Hollywood legend Kent Selwood isn’t happy sharing the limelight with rising star Stella Sanders. Tired of Stella’s drama, Kent makes it clear—he wants Stella gone.

Seamstress Bonnie Roseland is practically invisible to everyone at the studio, except for slick actor, Jerry Jackson. He’s the one man she wishes would leave her alone. Her deep-rooted faith helps her see beyond the glitz and glamor to the broken realities and dysfunctional atmosphere at the studio. She sometimes wonder if God has a purpose for her there or if she should just move on.

When the studio receives blackmail letters, Kent’s attitude makes him the prime suspect, and he’s swiftly banished from the lot, despite insisting that he’s been framed. Only Bonnie believes him, and she’s confident she knows who the real culprit is.

But when a ransom note arrives after Stella goes missing and evidence is discovered that clearly implicates Kent, will Bonnie help him uncover the truth in time to save his career… and Stella’s life?


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About the Author

Edwina Kiernan is the Christian author of the Amazon bestseller, Ruby’s Redemption. Her Inspirational Regency romance series, Gems of Grace, explores how God’s grace can heal hurts, establish faith and renew hope.

An enthusiast of classic novels and history, Edwina combines her faith, imagination and research in hope-infused tales set in times past. A lifelong word admirer, with Welsh and Irish heritage, she started writing stories early in childhood, and is never too far from a pen and paper.

When she’s not writing, Edwina loves spending time with her dashing husband and lively little son, reading and studying the Bible, getting lost in a captivating novel and drinking more types of tea than most people realize even exist.

Visit her website at EdwinaKiernan.com for more information, and to join her mailing list for free gifts, updates and lots of classic and historical fiction goodness.


More from Edwina

Glitz and glamor, sunshine and smiles — is that what you first think of when you hear the word, ‘Hollywood’? It seems like a whole other world, full of sparkle and shimmer.


But what’s beneath the surface?


In A Vanishing Act, Bonnie Roseland is about to find out…


Every book I write has a key verse from the Bible. A verse that anchors the message or theme of the story. A Vanishing Act’s verse is 1 Samuel 16:7: “…man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart”.


It’s so easy to fall into the trap of judging people on their appearances. And there’s a lot of that going on in the book. But there’s also a lot of revelation, of realization, and of redemption.


It’s my prayer that as you read A Vanishing Act, you’ll enjoy the twists and turns of the tale, but that you’ll also embrace the truth of Bonnie’s words to Kent: “I know Hollywood seems like a place where God isn’t welcome, but He’s here, too. And He loves you.”


So grab your copy and join Kent, Bonnie and a cast of varied characters as they work hard, take risks and solve a dangerous mystery.


And remember… Things aren’t always what they seem.



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