Publicity Services

At Celebrate Lit, we offer a variety of publicity services that can be customized to fit any authors needs. We put our knowledge and skills to work for you to connect your book with Christian readers everywhere.  Let us celebrate you!

Services offered include:

Celebration Book Tour Package

  • 14-day blog tour with a minimum of one blog post per day.
  • Minimum of 14 stops.
  • Author can choose our regular book tour or a Instagram book tour
  • Promotional banner on all Facebook social media
  • Promotional banner on our website
  • Social media promotional package
  • Reviews shared on our social media
  • Host page on our website
  • Celebration hosting with or without giveaway package
  • Reaches over 400,000 people on average through bloggers alone.

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Review Blast Promo

Have a backlisted book that needs some extra publicity TLC? The Review Blast Promo builds up your reviews on various platforms, blogs, and more. Reviewers review your book and post their reviews on their blogs, purchasing platforms, and their social media to help get those backlisted books in front of readers!

To submit a book to be considered or for more information, email


Podcast Feature

Looking to have your book featured on a podcast or to be interviewed on a podcast to promote your book? Look no further! Celebrate Lit will match you with vetted podcasters that will reach a virtually untapped audience in the Christian industry.


Email for more information.


New Release Promo

With more and more books being released everyday, it has become harder for readers to know what new books are out there in Christian Fiction. To help, we are providing readers with an email a month that lists all the new releases and an opportunity to enter the giveaway. There will also be a landing page for readers to visit with links to the books released that month.

Authors are welcome to provide readers with a chance to win the book (ebook or paperback ).

This service is free at this time.

As a fun addition, we offer the opportunity to have your book featured for a day during our “New Release” Celebration Tour for a small fee.


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Social media Building Giveaway Share Promo

Looking to build your social media? Join other authors for a week of promotion through a  huge giveaway share. Each author shares the giveaway on their social media for the week and we share on ours. The giveaway is connected to your social media to help gain followers to get your book in front of more people.

Cost: $15

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Facebook Celebration Parties

Whether you have a cover you need to reveal or a book release to celebrate, we can help you reach a large audience. Celebrate Lit organizes the event, creates the memes, and handles the giveaways so you can come, enjoy your event and intereact with your readers!

For more information, including pricing, please email


Sidebar Ads


Whether you are wanting to announce a book available for pre-order, the release of a new book, or bring attention to a backlisted book, our sidebar ads are a great way to gain exposure for your book. Different options are available including size and length of time.

For more information, including pricing, please email


Thankful for our Readers’ Event

This event takes place every November. A fun two day party where authors come celebrate and thank readers while promoting their work. Each author is given a 30 minute time slot. Watch for sign ups on Celebrate Lit social media or sign up for our newsletter to be able to be the first to grab a spot! Click here to sign up for our newsletter.

There is no charge for this service.